Is the show appropriate for children?
All of my shows are family-friendly and appropriate for all ages. In fact, kids usually have loads of fun and get up to dance!
How long will the show last?
My shows typically last between 15 to 30 minutes. However, you can request longer shows (with a break in between sets). Shows can be as short as 10 minutes but nothing below that.
Do you wear the same costume for the whole show?
Yes, unless there are multiple sets (meaning more than one 15 to 30 minute show), I will wear the same costume. I will only change if there is a dance that requires another costume (such as a folk dance).
What kind of costume do you wear?
The majority of my costumes are Egyptian style costumes with a long skirt and a bra or top. Both the top and skirt are heavily decorated with beads and sequins. If you are having a more conservative event, I can wear one of my many dance dresses. For folk dancing such as—Raqs Al Assaya, Saidi, and Melaya Leff—appropriate garments will be worn.
Do you accept tips?
Yes, however tipping a belly dancer is a bit different than tipping other artists. If you enjoy my dancing, it is tradition to shower any tips over my head as I dance. You can also give tips after the dance if this is more comfortable for you.
What about the music and sound sytem?
I will provide the music and the venue is responsible for the sound system. The louder the system the better! If you are concerned about your sound system, no worries! I can preview the system to make sure it will be Ok.
What kind of music do you dance to?
I only dance to classic or modern Middle Eastern music. If you have a particular song you would me to dance to, let me know, I gladly accept requests. If you would also like a show that has a different genre of music, please let me know and this can be arranged as well (within reason).
Do you dance at all male parties or for parties of one?
No and No. All of my dances are family friendly and do not in any way degrade me as a dancer or my audience. Such requests will be flatly turned down and are extremely disrespectful.
What kind of events do you dance at?
All sorts! Hen parties, corporate events, weddings, family friendly parties, cultural events, charity functions, community events, festivals, nightclubs, restaurants, women parties, retreats, hotels, family reunions, the list goes on and on!
How soon should I book?
The sooner the better to insure your desired time and date are available. You can fill out this form to book.
Are props used?
Yes, props are used where appropriate and requested (included Shamadan for wedding processions).
Do you have a contract?
Yes, all bookings will be accompanied by a contract to insure smooth sailing.
I have an unusual event or venue, will you still perform?
More than likely, yes. There are very few venues and events that cannot be performed in; as long as the event is tasteful. Just email me at Kanika@HipRageous.com with the specific details of your event.
Do you perform out of town or internationally?
Yes, if you are interested in a performance out of town or internationally, just click here to fill out a performance request form or email me at Kanika@HipRageous.com and I will get back to you within two business days.
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